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August 2008:

Fixing up some odds and ends...

December 2006: OK, so I'm NOT back! I was working on a Wallpapers site but my computer's been giving some hiccups and, well, I'm trying to work my way through them one by one. ARGH! In the meantime a friend pointed me in the direction of MySpace. Thus to entertain myself, I created a profile which can be viewed, There's some pics of moi, slideshows and outrageous video footage of one of my crazy employees dancing to things like Riverdance and Beyonce!!!

April 2006: OK, I'm back! After goofing off for a while, it's time to hunker down and finally do what I've been promising!! Stay tuned and watch the changes appear before your eyes :)

October 2005: Switching servers so website may be spotty as I re-upload the files. i changed the organization around a bit too so things are a bit messy right now. Please bear with me...

June 2005: Time for a site revamp... A re-organization, if you will. I am also seriously thinking about the creation of sites for topics such as Seinfeld, Titanic and Canadian Paper Money. Any thoughts?

Sept 2004: Created a cork bulletin board for my PHOTOGRAPHY index page. Although the new section is viewable at a 800x600 resolution, it is best viewed at 1024x768 or 1280x1024. Enjoy!

Feel free to send any comments to allison@webweaverdesign.ca. As always, I look forward to receiving your thoughts, concerns and comments. THANKS!

Sept 2004: Revamped info section of this homepage to be scrolling text instead of always deleting old info to make way for the new.
Black version of the page remains as is.

Sept 2004: I removed the section entitled INTERFACES and replaced it with my new section RECIPES

August 2004: Still updating PHOTOGRAPHY section. When completed, it will include Niagara Falls-Summer, Niagara Falls-Fall, Niagara Falls-Winter, CN Tower, Toronto Islands, Big Chute & Midland, Rouge Valley, Cambridge, Ontario Place & CNE in addition to more cats!
Still thinking about what the index page for photography home page will look like so in the meantime please click on links above to get to whichever section you would like to view.

Oct 2003: Test drive a new design for a recipe site that I am currently working on HERE. Some recipes already up and running!


Aug 2003: I added a PHOTOGRAPHY section of some of my favourite photographic moments. Keep in mind that nothing has been retouched with any photo editing software. Other than cropping, everything you see is as is.

As always I appreciate feedback/comments.